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Holy Week

Mar 27, 2012

Holy Week begins Sunday, April 1, 2012, and ends Saturday, April 7, 2012.

Holy Week from the Greek meaning Greater Week in Christianity is the last week of Lent and the week before Easter. It includes the religious holidays of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday), Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. It does not include Easter Sunday. In Eastern Orthodox tradition, Holy Week starts on Lazarus Saturday, the day before Palm Sunday. (Easter Sunday, for context, is the first day of the new season of the Great Fifty Days, or Eastertide, there being fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.)

So Holy Week is also supposed to be the hottest week of the year down in Mexico, it's a national holiday and the vacation plans are cheep. All inclusive all week is supposed to be about seven hundred dollars. But the resorts are very crowded. But the more expensive resorts shouldn't have any locals because its like three thousand dollars a week.