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Lizzie Miller - Too Fat to be A Model

Jul 26, 2012

The subject looks glowing, happy, natural, totally at ease with her body and herself.

But something is awry. Something that causes you to do a double-take. Especially given that this photo has just appeared in a glossy magazine. By now, I bet you've spotted it. What I am referring to is the small roll of fat around the middle of this 20-year-old model.

It might be a tiny imperfection, but when it was published in the American edition of Glamour magazine, it appeared amid hundreds of pages of adverts and fashion shots in which the models have no blemishes, no frown lines, no wrinkles and certainly no body fat.

So what impact did this little mound of flesh have? Were women disgusted that such an offensive thing should be displayed in public?

Well, even though it was only 3in square and hidden away on page 194, this extraordinary image of a woman with wobbly bits that have not been airbrushed away has sparked a whirlwind of reaction - almost all of it positive.

The whole subject of air brushed, perfect, unrealistic women in media and advertising has been a growing issue for years. This is a story that I feel could be a stepping stone for change. But one event will never be enough to change how the industries leaders think. If the general population would like to see more "normal" people as models, they need to express themselves and make how they feel apparent to the advertisers, because advertisers make the decisions based on what will sell to the consumers.

Do I think the world will change anytime soon? All the super-models aren't going to be fired, and regular people aren't going to get the big gigs because first off the majority of people (even if they don't advocate it) want to see these starved models in the magazines and television. And the purpose of a model is to display something that goes beyond the norm, that cannot be seen anywhere else and that is unique in nature, therefore regular women will not fill the worlds supply of ads and programs. However, the possibility of change is not out of the question, but considering the rule of advertising that dictates a model must be above the norm, when showing a model with stomach fat, she must have above average features such as; skin, teeth, eyes, make-up, etc...


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