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ShellCore Command

Dec 20, 2012

ShellCore Command Ep1 is strategy-defense science-fiction adventure type game. The plot is, you start off will a little green ship fighting for an army of other green ships/buildings, against the infected red ships/building. Throughout the game you need to play through the story and make your ship stronger. You get stronger by adding more parts to your ship. They don't need to go in any particular order, place or logic. If the piece is available, stick it on. The more you add the bigger you get and heavier you get, thus becoming a bigger target and slower, but heck you can add more engines to make you go fast. Different weapons like bullets, missiles and lazer beams and fun and a good idea to mix them up.

If you ship gets damaged you will heal, if parts of your ship get blown off, all is not lost, because you can go to an allied mechanic and get your ship reset to your last custom build, that means full health/armor/energy/equipment.

All in all, it's a pretty fun game. After a while you stop caring about what your ship looks like and just want to tack on as many parts as you can and get back into the action. The game can be rather short, especially if you play like a pirate (explained below) but temporary fun is better than no fun at all.

Play like a Pirate

So I figured out how to be a hulking doom machine in this game, typically your supposed to earn money from missions then buy parts. But common, that takes too long. Being a Pirate is when you destroy enemy ships quickely and tow the scavaged parts back to your garage and add them onto your ship. So to be a pirate all you need to do is choose a section of space with an abundance of enemies that is right beside a safe zone (so you can get back to the garage fast), just fly around shooting up the red ships until one of them drop an item, tow it back to the garage and place it onto your ship.
And presto.
Do that a could of times and you've effectively doubled the power of your ship, without spending a cent (or in this case a credit).


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